Sony – MA900

Multi-application cell sorter features ease of use, support for up to 12 fluorescence parameters and 4-way sorting.

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Sony – SH800S

Features automation for ease of operation, microfluidics sorting and a benchtop fit to make it a good fit for individual labs.

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Sony – FX500

A microfluidics chip based cell sorter featuring a fully replaceable fluidics system. This lets researchers easily replace the entire fluidics path to control sample to sample carryover.

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Sony – ID7000

High-parameter spectral analyzer / flow cytometer can be configured with up to 7 lasers and 188 detectors.

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Sony – SP6800

Spectral analyzer / flow cytometer uses patented technologies and spectral technology to optimize sensitivity, and simplify multicolor panel design.

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Sony – SA3800

Spectral analyzer / flow cytometer features ease-of-use, automation and spectral technology to optimize sensitivity and simplify workflow.

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Mindray – BriCyte E6

A more compact, intelligent, higher performance, simpler and, most importantly, more accessible CE-IVD flow cytometer.

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Cytognos – Omnicyt

The first up to 4-laser, Infinicyt /EuroFlow/ compatible, full CE-IVD Flow Cytometer .

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